How To Free Storage Space on Android, Without Computers

Before jumping into the third-party options, let’s take a look at what Android offers. Users can seamlessly check out how much storage capacity each file type captivates by heading up to the Storage section, located in the Settings menu.

As you can see from the image posted below, the Storage feature offers a comprehensive list of what’s taking up space on your phone. That’s a great way to gain an initial impression of your phone’s storage before starting to erasing things.

Similarly, in the Settings menu, you can find another option called ‘Installed Apps’, which lets you know exactly how much space each app captivates. Through this feature, users 
often find applications that they rarely use, yet take up a significant amount of space.


Third-party option

For the first two tips, we will be using ‘Clean Master’, an app that you most likely already have installed on your phone. For those who haven’t, Clean Master can be downloaded for free from Google’s Play Store.

Delete some of your apps or old downloaded files

Most smartphone buffs – including yours truly – have a whole bunch of apps downloaded on their phones, plenty of which have never been actually used. In that case, head up to Settings>Apps, see which of the least-used apps take up most of your space and get rid of them. The same applies to your downloaded files as well; open your phone’s ‘Downloads’ app and follow the same steps.

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