Facebook Messenger Has Hidden Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger might not be your number one communication app, but a fun Easter egg could have you using it more than ever.Hidden in plain sight on Facebook’s Messenger app is a mini game of basketball.send them a basketball emoji and get shooting hoops.

At first it’s easy enough. The ball moves after each throw, creating increasingly difficult angles for your digits to contend with. The aim is to nail consecutive baskets and build up a high score that’s insurmountable for your Facebook friends. The problem is that the basket moves from side to side once your score breaches 10, making perfect shots nigh on impossible. But what would be the fun without a little challenge?

*Make sure you’re updated and running the latest version of the app

*Once that’s confirmed, go into a contact as if you were going to have a conversation

*Send the basketball emoji on its own

*Now that the emoji is in the conversation window you can tap it to start playing, it’s that   simple


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